4 Things We Can NOT Change

It is hard for us to accept that there are some things that we can not change. This is especially hard for those of us who believe that if we work hard enough, plan well enough, and pray long enough that certainly things will be different.

At times, this proves to be true. However, there are other times that no matter how hard you work, how much you plan, and how fervently you pray, things will NOT change.

Just what are those things we can’t change? – I know there are skeptics out there who are thinking – we’ll just see about that! So here’s the list:

  1. The day that you were born
  2. The family you were born into
  3. The number of days you will live
  4. The number of hours in a day

Each one of these facts imposes certain limits on each us, while at the same time opens up a world of opportunities.

The time in which we were born

We live in a time where things are happening that previous generations could never have imagined. The possibilities that we consider on any given day were not even imaginable in the past.

Our children take for granted things that we would consider privileges. While we, the parents, label conveniences as needs that our parents would without question classify as luxuries. All of this can be attributed to the time in which we were born.

The family into which we were born

The family we were born into may or may not be what we would have chosen, but is ripe with connections to God, to our purpose, and to others. We would have possibly crafted things differently – a larger family, or smaller family, or any number of others specifics, but what you were given is the perfect preparation for your future.

Notice I did not say that your family was perfect or that certain situations that you experienced were perfect. But I would like to suggest that your imperfect family was part of a perfect plan. To believe anything else would mean that your past was a mistake.

The number of days we will live

I know there are those in the health field who would take issue with #3. If we eat right, exercise, drink the purest of water, take the right supplements, etc., we will live longer. I would like to suggest that we are NOT going to live any longer. We are already going to live forever, but that is not what I am addressing here. We will not physically live any longer than God has preset for us to live.

Now, the real issue is how we will live those days. The choice is in our hands. We can experience health, vitality, and vigor for our numbered days. I believe that!

But that is HOW we live, not how long.

The number of hours in a day

We have 24 hours. That’s it! We have a privilege and responsibility with each one of those hours. Our time can be spent well, or it can be wasted, the choice is ours.

For the most part our days will be a mixture of both, time well spent and time wasted. Let’s be proactive about tipping the scale to time well spent far outweighing total time wasted.

We want to make our lives count. We want to impact the lives of others. We want to empower those around us. None of that is possible, until we accept our limits!


  1. It is really interesting that you mentioned these four; yet, I have to be honest and say that I had questioned the one concerning the “family into which we were born” over and over again. I believe this was mainly because of all the imperfections and traumas that I experienced growing up. I still see some things that have not changed, though you make a great point; “the imperfect family was part of a perfect plan and to believe anything else would be to say that our past was a mistake.” WOW! I never had looked at it that way and I know that God does not make any mistakes. Honestly, for anyone to look at and consider all that I have experienced and still do, many would have given up a long time ago and even today question how I did not end up a certain way. The grace of God is enough; it has kept me!! I am amazed by all that God has brought me through and still does. In some ways I am still affected by it yet God is pruning me and transforming me in many ways each day. This was encouraging…

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