A super simple way to create big change in a short time

Recently I was having a one-one mentoring session with a mom.

She was sharing a few challenges she was facing and some of which felt quite daunting to her at the moment. Things felt like they were coming at her all at once. She was trying her best to make good decisions, but the fact that there were SO MANY decisions to make felt overwhelming.

When she answered the phone, I could tell this mom was battle worn.

Her voice sounded like she was smiling as she said hello, but only because it was the polite thing to do, not because she genuinely felt that way at the time. As we continued to talk a familiar pattern took place. It’s something I hear with moms I talk to all the time. Her voice became lighter and lighter until it started to sound like the woman I had met just a few weeks prior.

Her answers shifted from short, brief answers to thought filled and curious.

As we talked her challenges seemed less overwhelming and she was feeling better every moment. By the end of the call, I was talking to a new woman. Her outlook was positive and her mind was freed up.

But how? What happened?

How was she able to make such a major shift in such a short period of time?

After all it was just a 45 minute call. Allow me to share this with you, because you too can experience big change in a short period of time. You deserve that and I want that for you.

There’s a tiny little word you can apply, just like this mom did, to whatever challenge you are facing right now, and when you do, you will instantly shift from powerless to powerful.

Your situation will instantly seem less overwhelming and you will feel hopeful and free.

The word is…. yet.

Read the following examples.

Notice how each one changes by simply adding yet to the end.:

Problem: My marriage is not as romantic as I want it to be.

Becomes: My marriage is not as romantic as I want it to be….yet!

Problem: My kids are not listening to me.

Becomes: My kids are not listening to me….yet!

Problem: We are not debt free.

Becomes: We are not debt free…yet!

Problem: My house is not clean.

Becomes: My house is not clean….yet!

Your turn...

Take your challenge, add the word yet, and watch your perspective shift from stuck to hopeful in an instant.

It’s such a powerful way to shift from overwhelmed to on purpose.

It’s true, your circumstances have not changed. What changed is your perspective on those circumstances.

You get to take back the power you have given to the situations in your life. You get to say that those circumstances have limits and can come to an end. AND you resist the common mistake of losing hope simply because things haven't changed...yet.

Use the power of a tiny word to change everything about the way you view your situation, and watch your situation change right before your eyes. This is how you create big change in a short time.

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