The #1 Enemy to Getting Things Done

When you are considering doing something important or time consuming, there are plenty of things to stop you. There are usually a ton of decisions to make when completing a big project.  But even when you have tons of information on how to get it done, you still seem to stall out or fail to even […]

Do You Feel Like Quitting?

I had just met Jennie , and one of the first things she said to me was- “ I want to quit!” She was serious. This was not some false humility moment here, she meant every word. The irony was, here we were about to start a 2 day film shoot.  She was about to […]

Sometimes you just have to laugh

The other night my husband Ron was reading a passage of scripture from Numbers 16 or 17. He was emphasizing the passage where God caused Aaron’s walking stick to blossom- a bud, a blossom, and ripe almonds. Ron wanted the family to focus on how God can do such an incredible thing. “Isn’t it amazing […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

One of the biggest expenses for most families after housing is …. food!   Let’s face it.  We have to eat right?! We can cut the entertainment budget, or shut off cable.  We can wear our old shoes just a little while longer, but every day we must eat. So if you are looking for […]

Divine To-Do List

Do you ever struggle to focus when you're trying to pray? Ever heard the advice to have a “daily quiet time”, but inwardly you know the loudest place on earth is the thoughts in your head? If that describes you, then we're in the same boat my friend. For years I struggled to pray and have […]

An Abiding Place of Rest

An Abiding Place of Rest Guest post by Robbin.  Mom to 4 beautiful daughters inside and out and a definite wealth of wisdom and grace.  As she prepares her last daughter to graduate, her heart desires to share and encourage other moms still in the trenches.     What an honor to have her with us.  Enjoy! […]