Zaycon chicken- Money savings for families on a budget

Have you heard about Zaycon Fresh?A friend shared this with me the other day and I couldn’t wait to come tell you all about it.Zaycon Fresh started in 2009 with the simple mission to bring farm fresh meats direct to consumers at wholesale prices.They offer delivery to over 1,200 locations across the country. Click here […]

Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Ep 4

 Where there is no vision, the people perish Proverbs 29:18On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast let’s talk about creating a vision for our family.Creating a vision is about giving yourself permission to dream about what’s possible.A vision allows you look beyond the everyday norm and see a future that gives you hope […]

A Recent Mistake I Made With My 9 yo

In our home we have a saying- when you mess up, fess up!Well, here I am fess-ing up, because I messed up. My hope is that as I share my mistake with you, this becomes a helpful reminder to you when you’re facing a similar moment in your own home. I share in more detail on […]

Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Ep 3

On this episode we’re going to define the 3 levels of communication. Knowing this will help you to be aware of how you’re communicating to your family, friends, and more.The other cool thing is you will know how others typically talk to you and you can meet them on the same level.As you listen, take […]

Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Ep 2

Hey there! Episode #2 is ready for you.I want you to know, that I love traveling across the globe speaking to moms in churches and conferences sharing how to make the shift from distracted to intentional. It’s so rewarding to see faces light up as moms get practical advice and simple tools to help them be […]

Have you heard the news?

Today, I’m so excited to share my latest project – The Mentor 4 Moms Podcast. It’s another way for you and I to hang out while I share practical tools for parenting on purpose, even when life gets busy.You can listen and subscribe over on iTunes or Soundcloud. I look forward to our time together.This […]