A super simple way to create big change in a short time

Recently I was having a one-one mentoring session with a mom. She was sharing a few challenges she was facing and some of which felt quite daunting to her at the moment. Things felt like they were coming at her all at once. She was trying her best to make good decisions, but the fact […]

What is mom guilt costing you?

Mom guilt is real. As a professional coach and mentor for moms across the country I see the impact of mom guilt every single day.​Let’s be honest, no matter how good a job you’re doing as a mom, there’s still a nagging fear that you’re missing some important detail that could undo all your hard […]


Welcome to the Intentional Summer Challenge!Summer is here and it’s time to make sure you AND your family enjoy it. A great way to do that is by choosing to be a part of the Intentional Summer Challenge.Give yourself enough time to watch each video​. You will not regret the time you spend preparing to have […]

Dealing with Disrespect?- Mentoring Moment [audio]

Message from a Mom: In need of prayer and guidance. I am at my BREAKING point. It is so hard to raise respectful children in a disrespectful world. I don’t know what has happened to my children. I feel defeated! I don’t have the strength and/or energy.In the following audio-  I answer this mom who […]

The #1 Enemy to Getting Things Done

When you are considering doing something important or time consuming, there are plenty of things to stop you. There are usually a ton of decisions to make when completing a big project.  But even when you have tons of information on how to get it done, you still seem to stall out or fail to even […]

Do You Feel Like Quitting?

I had just met Jennie , and one of the first things she said to me was- “ I want to quit!” She was serious. This was not some false humility moment here, she meant every word. The irony was, here we were about to start a 2 day film shoot.  She was about to […]