The #1 Enemy to Getting Things Done

When you are considering doing something important or time consuming, there are plenty of things to stop you. There are usually a ton of decisions to make when completing a big project.  But even when you have tons of information on how to get it done, you still seem to stall out or fail to even […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

One of the biggest expenses for most families after housing is …. food!   Let’s face it.  We have to eat right?! We can cut the entertainment budget, or shut off cable.  We can wear our old shoes just a little while longer, but every day we must eat. So if you are looking for […]

A Time to Reflect on 2012 (Part 1)

Ecc. 3:1  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” You have to be on purpose if you want to slow the hustle and bustle. I can think of no better way to cultivate a heart of gratitude than to purposefully look for the hand of God in your life. […]

A Heart of Thanks for 2012 (Part 2)

If you are joining in for the first time this week, be sure to read Part 1, where we reflected on the past 12 months.  We took the time to write down and remember the many joys of the past 300+ days with our families. The next step- say Thank You Here, in America, we […]

Are You Doing the Crazy Dance Too?

Sometimes I feel like I’m dancing but the DJ keeps changing the music alternating between fast and slow jams.     Just when I want to start waving my hands in the air and  giving it my all, the DJ switches it up and the music is mellow and s-l-o-w (insert Barry White voice)  “S-l-o-w […]

Trying to See Around the Curve Is Dangerous.

  When you’re driving your eyes are constantly checking all around you. You look out the front window alternating short distances ahead and way off on the horizon. However, if you are traveling on a curvy road, the ability to see long distances is blocked. The curves are stopping you from seeing too far ahead. […]