No More Chores

Tell your kids, from now on -’No more chores!’   Yes, you read that right- No more chores! That’ll get their attention right. And no, it’s not a trick. Nobody like chores, but everybody like to feel like what they do matters. In this video, let’s talk about how re-frame our mindset about chores.   […]

Getting your kids to listen to you

Do you struggle with getting your kids to listen to you? Are you constantly frustrated by having to repeat yourself over and over again? I’ve repeatedly heard  during private mentoring session with moms that their words are not being heard and payed attention to. With an excerpt from my book I give six tips on […]

Who needs a hug?

In this video I share with you one of the cards from my Intentional Parent Card Set. “Hug ‘em tight.”   Let’s talk about how to give a good momma hug and who needs it more than you might think.   To order your own set of cards, visit   Comment below with and […]

Book Recommendation- Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go?

Let me introduce you to Lauren Flake. ​Her mom passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease in 2013, while Lauren was pregnant with her youngest daughter. “Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go?- A Preschoolers Guide to ​losing a Loved One is a gorgeous book that helps little ones and their parents have meaningful conversations about death and the […]

The Day Designer Planner for BlueSky: My Planner for 2017-18

This year I chose the Day Designer Weekly/Monthly planner by Whitney English. I picked it up at my local Target. After years of trying tons of planners, digital calendars, apps, and wall calendars- this year I’m going back to my old faithful Blue Sky planner.   In this video I share with you why I […]

I’m back from Rwanda

OMG… I still can’t believe that I’ve been to Africa. It feels like a dream.After spending 10 days in the beautiful country of Rwanda, the country of a 1,000 hills, my life has been forever touched and transformed. Here’s a short video where I share some of my experience. Also enjoy a few pics as […]