This month our Mom's Night Out Online topic was Celebrate.

Celebrate - to take notice publicly.

As moms we have so many decisions on our minds and so much going on, that's is easy for us to develop tunnel vision and stop taking notice. Everyday we have multiple wins in our lives, the key for us is to take notice.

​This month, together, let's take notice. Notice the small things like a sweet hug from a little one or a beautiful sunset, or big moments like making up after a fight or a new job or new house. Celebrate the small wins, the big wins, and all in-between. In order to do that, we will get to practice taking notice.

The truth is what we pay attention to gets repeated.

This works for the good things in life AND the not so good. If we focus on the things we don't like, we seem to notice more and more of them. Likewise, if we focus on the ​good things, we start noticing more and more good.

Intentionally put your focus on the good things in your life for the next 30 days. This does not mean challenges and hard experiences don't get any of your attention, it just means this month you are intentionally taking notice of your wins. 

Enjoy the recording.

Post below & share something you can celebrate today. ​

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