Trying to See Around the Curve Is Dangerous.


When you’re driving your eyes are constantly checking all around you. You look out the front window alternating short distances ahead and way off on the horizon. However, if you are traveling on a curvy road, the ability to see long distances is blocked. The curves are stopping you from seeing too far ahead. In those driving moments the best thing you can do is keep an eye on your speed and keep a watchful eye on the road because things are changing quickly. Because trying to see around the curve is dangerous.


The same is true in life.








Here’s the cold hard truth!

You will make mistakes.

People will disappoint you.

Plans will fail and let you down.

Things will break or get lost.

We have a whole lot less control than we think.


Trying to see around the curve reflects fear.


I experience this at the beginning of each school year, as I prepare my home school plans. I fall into the trap of thinking T-H-I-S year, this year, my plans are gonna work. I fall into the delusion that I can look back over the past failures and somehow that will help me to see ahead. How does that make sense? How does the past help me to see around curves of the road ahead of me? They don’t.


I so desperately want to avoid failure that I attempt to see ahead, around the curve in the road.


For some reason we are all trying to see ahead of where we are. We want to plan things out. Estimate our time of exit. Pull out before it all goes south. We don’t want to lose, fail, or make a mistake in any way. But the truth is, the only guarantee worth focusing on, is trusting God. When we trust God, he calms our fears of failure and reassures of His care for us. He builds confidence in our steps and our path and we can release the need to know “Now!” and trust that we will know at the right time. He reminds us of all that He has already done for us, and in us, and He is not done with us yet.  He still has so much more he wants to do.


So yes, our journey is not always clear. Yes, there are curves in the road that prevent us from seeing around the bend, but it’s always been that way by design. Now we get the chance to grow our faith, our trust in God. We get to walk securely, not because we have all the answers, but because we have trust in a God who does.


If He believes in you enough to bring it to you, trust Him enough to bring you through it. {tweet}

Do you trust that today?



  1. Well said, Susan. It’s so true that we want to know what the result will be before we make a decision or a commitment. I find that most people are so reluctant to take a chance. They lack faith. Thank you so much for pointing this out and saying it so perfectly. Keep up the good work!

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