Did You Hear About the BIG Announcement?

The event was a roaring success!

We almost maxed out the room!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone !!


While here in Austin Shari and I launched a brand new online experience!  Watch this video!

Isn’t that exciting! 

So for all of my subscribers who were unable to attend, we missed you.  However, you did not totally miss out!  You can still be a part of the online course.

According to Zondervan, Shari is considered to be America’s premiere expert on fashion and personal image consulting.

For 5 weeks Shari will go into great detail teaching you step-by-step how to look your best.

Learn about what colors look best on you?

How to :

Save time and money when shopping.

Plan your wardrobe.

If you have a limited budget, how do you pull together a great looking wardrobe?

And sooooo much more!

My role is to be your resident homegirl! 

I will be there each week to greet you, make sure you have all of your handouts for class, while I also share on issues of inner beauty and faith.


I hope that you will join us!

Invest in yourself without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  Doesn’t get any better or easier than that, right?!

Go to http://www.fashionmeetsfaithonline.com to read more.

In the video I said “email me for the savings code”, scratch that.

Here it is: Special savings code for Austin is: FMFA

Using that code you will save you an additional $50 !!!!

You can use this code until  Tuesday, September the 25th, then the special pricing goes away.  My friends here in Austin are the only ones who know about the course for now.  Shari will be announcing it to her email list in a few days and seats are going to go fast!  She has over 13,000 women on her list.  So if you know it’s time to invest in yourself and kick it up a notch, don’t delay!

Go to Fashionmeetsfaithonline.com and sign up right away!

If you have any questions or need any help, just let me know.


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