Do You Feel Like Quitting?

I had just met Jennie , and one of the first things she said to me was- “ I want to quit!”

She was serious.

This was not some false humility moment here, she meant every word.

The irony was, here we were about to start a 2 day film shoot.  She was about to teach a Bible study, like a boat-load of sessions, to a room full of women, and the first thing she said was….” I want to quit”.

I knew at that moment, I liked her.

Can you relate?

Let’s look at the outside.  Here she was a published author, filming on this gorgeous film set, being attended to by a personal make-up artist and hairstylist, and she would rather not, thank- you very much.

Not because she didn’t care about the women in the room.

Not because she didn’t appreciate the opportunity before her.

Not because she was lazy, or any other thing other than the cold hard truth……… obeying God requires a lot from us. No, not a lot- our EVERYTHING!

We can sometimes glaze over the sacrifice part of our relationship with God.  We gloss over the loss and pain of “giving up” those things we want to desperately hold on to.

For so long we have fought to claim “our lives”, “ our place in this world”.  Then God steps in and rocks our world.

His ways are not our ways.  He thinks long-term, short-term, and all in-between.  And we can barely see past the end of our nose.

So, yes- sometimes following His lead makes us want to quit.  We don’t always get it.  We don’t always understand.  We think we know a better way.  And all of that makes us want to just….. quit!

But, we know deep down, that’s not really what we want.

From time to time, we’re just plain tired and overwhelmed with the pursuit. But here’s the good news, God get’s that.

He promised to never ask or require more of us than we can handle.

Duet. 31:6 It’s a promise.

6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

So, if you’re feeling the urge to quit.

I feel you.

I get it!

You’re not the only one.

And most importantly, God understands that feeling – deeply and intimately.

Jennie ,made an incredible turn around that day.  Once she opened up and shared her feelings, we prayed together as a group, and we committed to  follow hard after God – together.

So if you feel like quitting.

1. Admit it.  Say it out loud. It’s okay.

2. Pray to God for strength to be faithful to all that He is asking of you

3. Find some friends who are committed to doing the same, and do life together.


What about you?- Ever felt like quitting?


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