Do You Stand Out ?

I woke up early this morning and wanted to jot down what the Lord was sharing with me.


The Standout Principle


A principle based on scripture. Basically throughout Jesus’ life He ministered to, healed, transformed, the lives of those who stood out from the crowd. The ones who were willing to get in front of him, the ones who got his attention, the ones who traveled great distances to see him, those were his people.


I especially love the man who shouted and shouted and shouted out for healing. In spite of the many requests of people around him to shut up, be quiet, don’t trouble the man with your problems, he insisted on being heard. And what happened? Click here to read the story.


Another story is the woman who risked it all, embarrassment, even ridicule. Jesus called her a “dog”. She still remained in front of him. She was not going to run away from the very place she knew the answer existed. There was no other answer for her. So she persisted. What happened? Click here to read the story.



How about a much more subtle stand? The story of the young maiden who was highly favored to carry the kings of kings in her womb. She was described as blessed among women. She did not shout, or press through crowds, or anything drastic like that, however she still stood out. Her way of living stood out to God. Her refusing the temptations to live her own life, was a more subtle form of a standout, but a standout no less. Click here to read the story.


Each of us are wired different. Some of us are busy and active, so it is likely that our actions will standout. Through some form of outward expression. Some of us are quiet and reserved so it is likely that our quiet actions or the things that we don’t say will cause a standout. Our standout expression reflects an inward stand an inward conviction.


No matter how God created us, we are all called to standout.


The scripture ask us – do we light a candle and then hide it under a basket?

We are supposed to standout.
You are supposed to stand out.


Not for your own fame. Not so that people know your name. Not so that you get all the glitz and the glory, but so that God does.


After all, it’s His light in you that causes you to standout in the first place. It’s nothing that you did to earn the ability to stand out.


When we seek to standout for our own glory, it’s not pretty, and it lacks grace. God’s blessings add no sorrow. God’s hand enables us, strengthens us, brings joy to our hearts.  

Gloating and self-praise only cheapens the standout and weakens our testimony. It causes us to struggle and toil and fight for everything we have and eventually our joy and strength are gone.

From me to you, for the glory of God, it’s time for you to stand up and stand out!

Will you?


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  1. Beautiful post! I often wonder if I stand out. (in the way you’ve described-not for my glory but for God’s.) May he teach me more!

  2. Karen Fedorko says:

    Excellent message! All for the glory of Jesus!

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