episode 2

Wahoo! Episode #2 is here.

Jolene and I finally got some time to record another conversation. We loving call these recordings our "imperfect" podcasts.

We hope that what we share is an encouragement to you. Perhaps as you listen, you feel like you're a part of the conversation.

Here's what we have for you in Episode #2:

Meet your hosts.

· How are they each pursuing the intentional life?

· Learn the unique calling on each of their lives

We each have a unique call, a unique way to authentically to share our gifts with the world.

How can you be inspired to live more true to your unique way?

There’s such pressure on finding your purpose.

Jolene and Susan share encouragement for those who are struggling to discover their purpose.

Meet Jolene – JoleneUnderwood.com

Her blog theme is - Pursuing Hope and Faith Beyond Today- pursuing hope through hard times and tough challenges.


Are you called to write? – Jolene has a special place for you. Whether it’s a book, spoken word, music, screen plays, poetry- and form of writing. Don’t do it in isolation. Connect withJolene and the community she is creating.

Then there's me - Susan, – Visit SusanSeay.com

The heart of my work is encouraging work-at-home moms. (Hint: every mom is a work-at-home mom)

If you’re a mom who could use some encouragement be sure to connect here by leaving your email address. I love to send special notes and resources directly to your email inbox.

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