Forgotten Dreams

In July our family went to South Padre Island for vacation.  There were 2 great-grandmothers, 2 grandmothers and 2 grandpa’s + our family of 9.  I can’t begin to express how much fun we all had together!  We had the adventure of a lifetime.  One of the great grandma’s made us take her to the store to buy a swimsuit so she could get in the water too.  She had not been to the beach in 40 years!!!  What a moment.

I wanted to share with you about forgotten dreams.

Years ago my family lived in Florida.  Going to the beach was as normal as going to the grocery store.  We were surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches.  One day my mom announced that we were moving to Texas.  The next few days and weeks were full of goodbyes and farewells from friends.

One memory I distinctly remember.

As we left the state for the last time, we had to cross a bridge to leave the city and head to Interstate 10.  As we crossed the bridge for the last time, I looked back to see a person rising into the sky para-sailing.  As I looked out of the back window of the car, I said to myself, one day I want to come back here and do that.  I had always wanted to para-sail but the timing was just not right.

Fast forward 24 years later.  I finished high school, married, graduated college, I’m a mother to 7 children, but God had not forgotten that whispered dream.  He heard me loud and clear.  And this summer.  2012- 24 years later- and my para-sailing dream came true!!  My girls even video taped my lift off to share with you!

Maybe you too have a forgotten dream.

I am here to tell you that God heard you and He has not forgotten.  He is able to bring those forgotten dreams into reality.  He is able to do things for you and through you that you never thought would ever happen.  Continue to trust Him with your dreams.  ‘Cause this momma went para-sailing and it was all I dreamed and more!

That para-sailing moment was indeed A Powerful Moment in my life!




  1. Scott and Emily,Thank you both for your comments and enuceragoment re: being like Christ (in selflessness) and standing up for’ equality between men and women. I agree they are not incompatible, and I believe that you, Scott, are right in observing that perhaps I feel more tension because I am a woman acting as a feminist. That’s an observation that I need to delve into more fully .-Anne

  2. Awesome!! I am encouraged by this! There are many things that I have though about coming up and even adult years that I have said that I wanted to do and this has brought a peace because to be reminded that God heard me and has not forgotten… well though I should have known … now I do.

  3. Twilliams1121 says:

    When I got married, a sweet older lady who gave me a bridal shower served lunch on pretty antique luncheon plates. I adored them, and secretly tucked the desire to have some same little pretties one day so I could serve lunch for young brides to be! Guess who got a set from her sister in law last Christmas-17 years later? And YOU have lots of potential brides for me to celebrate! (Except I will have a scant few left over after we invite all of their sister bridesmaids…!)

    Loved your dangling gams!

    • I loved your story!!!! Oh, I can’t wait to see the “little pretties”. It’s amazing how God answers the hidden desires of our hearts.
      Thanks for sharing that with me.

  4. If we allow, the challenges of living day to day can steal our dreams.  Thank you for reminding us to not allow life to cause us to forget what God puts in our hearts.  Thank you for reminding us to not think our dreams are lost in a move.  All we must do is trust in God with our dreams and keep hope alive even in the new place.

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