Time with your kids is short.....it's time to be intentional!!

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As a mom to 7 kids, I know what it's like to have a busy schedule.

Sometimes I find myself so pre-occupied with getting the family fed, clothed, and keeping them safe that I miss moments to build a rich relationship.

Over the past 18+ years of being a mom, I have discovered that being more intentional has helped me to feel more confident as a mom and helped me to build a rock-solid relationship with each of my kids.

I want you to have that too!​

Did you find this page after listening to the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Episode #2 - 12 Things Intentional Moms Do Differently?

If so, the free download I mentioned on the podcast is below.

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As a mentor and life coach, every day I hear about just how pressured and over loaded moms feel right now.

That’s why I’m on a mission to change the focus and deepen the conversation. When a mom stops asking what am I doing wrong? and starts asking  What can I do to be intentional and on purpose inthis moment? - a powerful shift happens.

A deep shift happens deep down on the inside.

She begins the search in her heart through prayer vs searching the internet.

Her questions no longer focus on the what the experts say is right, but using her family vision and family core values to help determine what is right for her family.

That’s the work I do as a mentor for moms.

I create tools and resources to help moms just like you to make that shift every.single.day.

Enjoy this self-evaluation tool on Intentional Parenting. This is your opportunity to evaluate where you are consistently intentional and places where you can improve!

Allow the results to give you a starting place to improve.

Remember!- Perfection is not the goal, the goal is to be more intentional.