Do you want to help homeschoolers affected by Hurricane Harvey, but you're not sure how?    

You're in the right place.

This page contains several ways in which you can offer support to families at a time when they need it most. This is not a quick fix, but it's one part that we can play in helping those in the homeschool community.

Many organizations will be available to help with shelter, clothing, and food, but what about their school books and materials? 

We have a unique opportunity as a global homeschool community to step in to offer support. Each of us understand the unique challenges of losing not only the place you call home, but also your place of learning.

There are many ways for you to get involved. Choose 1 or 2 of the options posted below.

We welcome you.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. 


Did you or someone you know experience damage or total loss of homeschooling materials due to the storm?

Please click the following link to complete a form for assistance.

The homeschool parent listed will be contacted by a veteran homeschool mom in 1-3 days to find out the needs of their family.

The list of homeschool needs, minus any personal information, will be shared with over 1,200 homeschool families and organizations across the nation who are willing to send replacement materials to you at no charge.

There is also a Facebook community available to you. Come join homeschool families from all over the globe offering support, advice, and information that you might find very helpful.

In the files section of the group, you can find a list of companies that are offering curriculum replacements of materials to their customers. In addition you can find a list of local moms who are holding materials for 'free shopping days, and more. The files section of the group is a great resource.

We welcome you to join.


Join in, and be a part of the effort to collect basic school supplies.

These materials will be sent to homeschool families affected by Hurricane Harvey to replace items lost or damaged during the storm.

*Permission granted to copy/share this image to help in any fundraising efforts related to helping families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Mail all school supplies to the following address:

Susan Seay

P.O. Box 151355
Austin, Texas 78747​


This location will NOT be accepting curriculum, books, and teaching materials. There is a list of locations available to receive those items in the Facebook group. See link below.

For questions: HelpingAfterHarvey@gmail.com

All items collected will be sorted and sent to support group leaders in the affected areas to serve the families in their community that are in need.

The homeschool support group leaders know the families best, and they can best determine the needs in their local community.​

  • This list is meant to spark ideas for materials to gather, if you have other new/like new items to add to this list, we welcome them as well.


We invite you to join the Facebook group- "Helping Homeschoolers Affected By Harvey" 

Join over 1,200 families and homeschoolers around the globe that eagerly await posted needs of homeschoolers affected by the storm.

When needs are posted, this amazing group will respond by sending the requested books, curriculum, and materials to those in need at no cost.

This is not the place to post items for sale.

The goal is to create a generous community that gives with no strings attached. If that is of interest to you, click to join.​


The need for help is immediate.

After talking with support group leaders in the Houston and surrounding areas, I can say with complete confidence that their needs are serious and immediate.

Basic needs like clean water, food, gas, clothing, cleaning supplies, etc. These are the challenges that are the current focus. As much as books and materials will be blessing in time to come, your cash donation would make a difference RIGHT NOW!

Texas Home School Coalition [THSC] is accepting cash donations to assist families in need after Hurricane Harvey.

100% of all funds raised will be handled by THSC and will be used to meet the needs of homeschool families in Texas.

 Click here to donate TODAY