Thank you for offering to help call homeschool families affected by Harvey, and welcome to the Helping After Harvey Team

I'm Susan Seay. I'm a homeschool veteran of 17 years. I have 2 graduates, and this year I am homeschooling a senior and freshman in high school, along with a 7th, 5th, and 3rd grader.

When I saw the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, my heart hurt. So many families. So much loss. In many ways, I felt so helpless to do anything. The relief organizations were on the scene offering shelter, rescues, food, clothing, and more.

But what can I do?

What is the one thing I could do to help?

Then it hit me, what about the homeschool families? What about their school books and supplies? That's one need I imagine the relief groups won't be able to meet.

Then the idea struck- Start a Facebook group to bring together homeschool families to help replace books from our own bookshelves.

That Facebook group now has over 1,600 people that have joined. That's way more than I ever expected, yet I am so grateful for each member of the group. It's such a blessing to know that so many people care and are excited to help out. These families are from all over the US, Bermuda, and even Australia.

So, we have the team assembled to help meet the needs, but what's missing is a team to find out exactly what's needed.

That's where you come in.

If you:

  • love to talk on the phone

  • are a good listener

  • want to help fellow homeschool families get much needed help

  • enjoy being able to pray and support people in the midst of crisis

I invite you to be part of the Call Team for Helping After Harvey.

Each Call Team member is required to:

  • be a homeschool veteran mom

  • be available to call moms and give them your full attention

  • be willing to type all the requests into an online form and submit it immediately after the call.

  • keep the team updated on call requests by email :

If this sounds like exactly what you want to do, please enter your name and information in the form below.

Someone from our team will be in touch after reviewing your information.

If there are is a continued need for Call Team support, you will receive a welcome email and a list of a few moms to call. Also you can expect a text to alert you to check your email.

Thank you again for your heart to help the homeschool families affected by Harvey. We're grateful for your willingness to help.

Susan Seay