How Much Do We Really Need?

Tolstoy’s tale entitled “How Much Land Does A Man Need?”  introduces a peasant named Pahom.  Pahom suffers from a common heart condition, discontentment.  Throughout the story he becomes consumed with the desire to expand, grow, and increase. He wants to grow his business.  He want to increase his fortune.  He wants. He wants. He wants.

Each time he grows his business, he become discontent and again pursues further expansion.

One day Pahom learns of an opportunity he could not resist. He can have more land than he ever imagined.  All he had to do was walk and claim the land in just one day. 

And the price? Well worth it, he reasoned. If only……. Oh, how this story rings true in the world today. The never ending quest for more is an unquenchable thirst. No matter how much you acquire there is always…..more!

How often does “enough” seem to elude your very best efforts to acquire “it”.

You know "it":

the bigger house

the nicer car

the higher income

the coolest, newest gadget

The bigger house promises more space, bigger yard, beautiful amenities. The new car will make you look good, and make your children feel cool. The higher income will finally afford you the things you deserve! The newest, coolest gadget is just……COOL!

The Desires of Our Hearts

It is so easy to confuse the desire of our eyes and declare them the desires of our hearts. God promised to give us the desires of our hearts.

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4

It is easy to confuse the cravings of our eyes, with the deepest needs of our hearts. We begin to reason that the material can satisfy the intangible. That the physical can fill the emotional. The root of our discontent is not ultimately met in any of the promises of this world.

We know that, don’t we? Yet, it is still such an easy trap. We work harder. We stay up later. We borrow more. Yet, it still doesn’t satisfy. The pursuit of “more” has a high cost.

So…. how much land did Pahom need?  

The short answer- 6ft, from head to toe.


  1. Thanks for this…. Needing to hear it today as we consider buying a home. Not only the type of home, but whether we buy at all… Thank you lord that you satisfy us and not our things – releases me from finding the “the best” or “the most” ( for our means)…. Thank you. Susan, for trusting and obeying God in this endeavor…. He will us it for His purposes.

    • Blair,
      Thanks for your comments. It is incredible to see that sharing what the Lord is teaching me, actually is helping others too. Amazing!

    • Toni Lovejoy says:

      Thanx…I signed up for the newsletter. I’de love to meet her sometime. Timing is everything. I know everything will work out in God’s time.

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