I’m back from Rwanda

OMG... I still can't believe that I've been to Africa. It feels like a dream.

After spending 10 days in the beautiful country of Rwanda, the country of a 1,000 hills, my life has been forever touched and transformed. Here's a short video where I share some of my experience. Also enjoy a few pics as well. ​

Our van was a great place of bonding and laughter everyday.

So much praising and singing during our trip.

Bringing food supplies to a woman and her children.

Taking time to sit and listen to another person's stories is a gift.

Preparing lunch with Rwandan women in a local village. The food was delicious.

Our group led by Seraphin, they taught us cultivate the land, cut grass, haul water and weave bracelets.

After lots of work and a great lunch we sat down to learn weaving. The neighbors came to see what was happening.

Dinner with leaders from Africa New Life Ministries. This is a group of powerhouse women and their work has great impact.

Meet Dudu- the worship leader at Africa New Life ministries. He truly has a heart for worship.

Walking the grounds of Nyamata Genocide Memorial, a church where 10,000+ souls were killed during the genocide. A day of grieving.

We went to visit the children in Bugesera, but due to political campaigning events, school was dismissed.

So we walked the grounds and prayed for the students, teachers, and families. This turned into a holy moment and a highlight of the trip.

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