Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Ep 4

 Where there is no vision, the people perish Proverbs 29:18

On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast let's talk about creating a vision for our family.

Creating a vision is about giving yourself permission to dream about what’s possible.

A vision allows you look beyond the everyday norm and see a future that gives you hope and make you want to pursue it.

Vision calls us forward. Compels us to lean in. Fuels us in hard times.

It gives us the strength to try one more time even when we feel utterly exhausted.

I'll also be sharing with you the 3 roles that every leadership organization has, and these apply to the home. As well as, 3 practical ideas on how to create a vision for your family.

This is another episode that's jam-packed with great info for you.

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