Have me on your podcast

I love serving moms who are ready to make the shift from being busy to being intentional.

And whenever someone tells a friend about me and my work as a Mentor4Moms,

I feel so honored.

My role is simple- provide busy moms with simple tools to help them focus on what matters.

This is the work the God has called me to do and one way to reach more moms is through radio interviews and podcasts.

If you have a radio show or podcast and you have moms in your audience, I would love to partner with you to serve your listeners. This would also be a great chance for me to connect with more moms.

A few podcasts I have been featured on in the past... click here to listen

Want to have me as a guest?

  • If you have a show that serves parents and families, especially moms, I'd be honored to be your guest.When the show airs, I will promote it to all the moms on my email list as well as post it on my site, so that visitors to my site can listen as well.

Here are few topic suggestions:

  1. How to Parent on Purpose Even When Life Gets Busy
  2. The 3 Steps To Shift From Being A Busy Mom To An Intentional One
  3. 5 Questions to Ask When Your Children Won't Listen to You
  4. How to Prevent Misunderstanding and Conflict In The Home
  5. Core Values: The Key to Simplifying Your Life and Family

Email Susan@APowerfulMoment.com with:

  1. The name and description of your podcast,
  2. A list of possible recording dates.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you.

Together let's encourage moms and families around the globe!

Here's a brief intro bio to start the conversation...

Meet Susan Seay (pron. "sea" like the ocean, the y is silent).

Susan is an author, speaker, and mentor for moms around the globe. Everyday she helps moms make the shift from being busy to intentional.

Her book- The Intentional Parent:Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy is a practical resource for busy moms who value simple tools that provide long-lasting results.

Susan lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Ron and their 7 children. Yes, 7 children 1 boy and 6 girls.

She travels around the country encouraging and mentoring moms because she understands that a healthy, thriving mom creates a healthy, thriving family.

Potential Questions to Get Started...

  1. Tell us a little about your background. What got you started as a Mentor for Moms? What lead to you writing your book- The Intentional Parent- Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy?
  2. In your book, The Intentional Parent- Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy, you share a list of 12 ways intentional parents are different- One in particular that I love is #11 - the reminder to “keep things simple.” Tell me more of your thoughts on this.
  3. How do you define an intentional parent?
  4. How do you think parent's can define a successful family?
  5. You are a mom with 7 children, a wife, a professional speaker, and an author- how do you manage it all?
  6. What advice would you give a mom who's listening about parenting on purpose?