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As a wife and mom to 7, I understand the challenges of trying to love my family well, while feeling overwhelmed and unfit for the job. But after being a mom for over 20 years, plus investing in a coaching certification, I have a toolbox full of simple, practical, and highly effective tools to share with you.

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Past Podcast Interviews​

Here's my very FIRST podcast interview from 2014...

From Heather's Website:

I loved talking with Susan. We only scratched the surface of all her wisdom. Hope you are blessed by her insight.

What we talk about:

  • How Susan started hosting webinars (and why she’s a great friend)
  • “If God gives you an idea He will equip you and show you how to do it.”
  • How being a mother is the ultimate refiner’s fire.
  • The time of day Susan was most aware of her anger & the personal rule she implemented.
  • How our frustrations are often rooted in expectations &/or comparison
  • Importance of pinpointing the trigger of frustration and the response
  • How to reframe your parenting approach. . .picking your top 3 core values (not another author’s expectation of how you should parent).
  • The “ah ha” moment when Susan helps bring clarity to my own struggle with intentionality.
  • The need to choose core values that honor who you are & not pick what you “think” you should be
  • An illustration God showed Susan for His perspective on how her friendships were changing.
  • What one thing Susan wants moms to know.
  • What one mothering mistake Susan made & how she changed.
  • The breaking point she reached and the discovery she and her husband made—the idols they had made out of the things God had called them.

In this episode, Jessica sits down with speaker and author Susan Seay to talk about finding balance in your work, life, and relationships.

They discuss the freedom of finding your “good enough” line, the importance of defining your core values, and the dynamics of managing your home life, relationships, and business.

Whether you’re struggling to balance a home business with your responsibilities as a wife and mother or trying to balance any full-time work and launching a new dream, this episode is for you.

#YouMatter Podcast with Founder and Co-CEO Jessica Honegger. Saying yes to building a flourishing world through Noonday Collection, a  business that creates real impact, and Noonday wants you to know that YOU matter.

Grab your cup of tea and your headphones!

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Susan Seay not only manages the of being mom to seven children, she is also leverages those same skills in the marketplace.

You won't want to miss the incredibly actionable wisdom that you can start applying in your family AND business immediately!

Susan Seay is a mom of 7, who believes that life as a mom is a wild adventure and worth every grey hair.

She and her husband have built an amazing real estate empire that allowed him to retire from his corporate job and today Susan travels around the world mentoring moms, helping them rise above the noise and live from a place of their God-given purpose.

Susan feels in line with the purpose of her life, and she has learned to “take everything in stride.”

Her family does the stuff that matters, which is creating connection with each other.

“At the center of everything we do, our family is keen at being intentional”

She takes a long-range view of what she wants for her family, and advises others to do the same. You can do so by determining what you want them to know about themselves, and then you can step back and figure out what it will take to create that.

At the same time, be intentional about what you’re doing at this very moment. Her tip to remain present is to remember that when you’ve been away from your family members and get back together, the most critical time you have is those first 5 to 10 minutes. Focus on them only during this time.

“You’re telling them that there’s nothing more important in your life than what they’ve got to share with you”

As she has gone around the country mentoring moms, Susan has created what she calls “Home Inspirational Parties”, or nights of encouragement for moms. Her workshop is called the “Mom Guilt Cure.”

“I wanted to create the ripple effect where more moms are rising above the noise and distraction that hits them day to day, focusing on their purpose and living intentionally with their families.”

Susan shares that “mom guilt” is that feeling that you’re never doing enough as a mother for your family. This leads mothers to fear if there are even capable in the role. In order to stop this type of thinking, mentorship (like the type that Susan does) is important.

“It’s one step at a time. Your success is as you define it.”

Moms have more power than they give themselves credit for. Your voice matters; let your family know if you’re not feeling the support you need.

According to Susan, mothers need someone to encourage, not fix them.

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What We Believe Impacts How We Parent {Guest: Susan Seay – #MentorforMoms}

Y'all, Susan has so much wisdom to share and she does so in a way that is passionate, inspiring and encouraging.

Especially for moms. You won't be left feeling like you need to do more, rather, her words & ministry inspire moms to live more simply, more freely & more intentionally.

Topics we covered:

  • Looking for a mentor
  • Simplifying goals for the family
  • Core family values
  • Mom's Night Out Online
  • When pretty meets practical
  • How we interpret facts
  • What facts are
  • Susan's family
  • Card Sets (simple, beautiful & intentional)
  • Supporting & training our children intentionally

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