Pursuing the Intentional Life: Threads of Redemption

This is a recording of a recent conversation between friends, but don't let the simplicity fool ya'.

There are some powerful truths just waiting for you here!

All too often I ​have had conversations that later I w-i-s-h were recorded because of the gems of wisdom that get shared. Well, my friend Jolene Underwood and I have decided to do just that. We have decided to record our conversations AND to share them with others. 

Our hope is that you are enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy making them. ​

​There are a TON of great podcasts out there and initially that's what we wanted to create, but then we decided to not wait until we had it "all together", instead we decided to jump in! 

Perhaps you too have something in your life that you want to start. A blog, a new business, writing a book, a women's ministry? Something that you want to start, but in you don't feel "ready".

Let us inspire you to ​jump in and get started! 


  1. Y’all are the best! Thanks for the encouragement! Over and over you each said just what I needed to hear! LOVE LOVE LOVE the audio bc tbh I would not have take the time to read it :-/

    • I know what you mean. Audios are the best for me too! Thanks for stopping by and being SO encouraging. {{hugs}}

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