Woman to Woman Initiative- a gathering of women in Rwanda 

July 14-24, 2017

I've been invited to go to Rwanda!!!

At the beginning of the year I got an email invitation to be a part of a group from the US to travel to Rwanda to share, encourage, and connect with women in Rwanda this summer.

To be honest, I am floored by the opportunity. 

You see, I have been a happy stay-at-home mom for 16+ years.

I always dreamed that one day I would travel the world, but life with 7 kids in tow meant that my travel consisted of visiting the International Foods aisle at my local grocery store, or watching other people travel on the Travel Channel.

My life changed 3 years ago when I said yes to the call on my life to be a mentor for moms.

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Know this...I am so grateful for your help to make this trip possible. I can't do it without you.

No amount is too small and every donation matters. 


Fundraising time extended! My fundraising ends July 1st.

The following video shares the story one of the women from Africa New Life Ministry.

Africa New Life Ministry has a vocational program where they teach sewing. After each of the students complete the program they are given a sewing machine to take home to start a sewing business. It's so exciting to think that a group of U.S. women will get to sit with Rwandan women to not only teach what we know, but to learn from them. 

​Honestly, I feel like I will have more to learn and bring back to the moms I serve in the U.S. than I will have to share and teach to the women of Rwanda.

The women at Africa New Life will get to ask us questions, show us what they are learning and where they live. Meanwhile, those of us from the U.S. will get to share our lives as American women, the lessons we have learned in business and in life, and open our hearts to creating a sisterhood with our new friends in Rwanda.

The Woman to Woman Initiative will host a workshop for the Africa New Life women and their community during our trip. Each woman from the U.S. team will have an opportunity to share. This day of exchange ​is my most anticipated part of the trip.

Meet our trip coordinator Amena Brown Owen. She is the visionary of the Woman to Woman Initiative.

After a trip to Rwanda last year, she vowed to return. You can read more about her experience and her vision for our here.

This trip is going to be incredible! A trip of many firsts.

  • First time to the continent of Africa
  • First time to Amsterdam
  • First time to be away from my hubby and kids for 10 days
  • First time to speak on another continent
  • First time to deal with jet lag
  • First time to see African animals in their native environment
  • and many more first I can't wait to experience....

I not only want, but I need your support...

Your donation will allow me to serve and speak to the women in the Africa New Life Ministries community and women from surrounding areas. The same love, encouragement, and support that I offer moms everyday will be extended to the women of Rwanda and your donation helps me to do that!