Hi there!

I'm Susan Seay, mom to 7

Everyday I get the privilege to mentor moms just like you. Together, we commit to rise above the noise and constant distractions.

Are you ready to raise your sweet family wth focus and a deep sense of purpose? You're in the right place.

Faith and family are at the center of everything I have to offer you here. 

Below are the tools I have created with you in mind. 

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resources to support you in making the shift from being a busy mom to an intentional mom!

The Intentional Mom Tools

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The Intentional Mom Tote Bag

The perfect tote bag for a busy mom. Grab your bag, toss in your planner or your Bible study materials or your current project , and off you go. The whole family will know that your bag = your intention project!

 Price $25

The Intentional Parent:

Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy

  • When it comes to parenting, do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Does you secretly fear messing up your kids?
  • Are you full of self-doubt, worry, and anxiety when it comes to your kids?
  • Do you want things to get better, but you feel unsure how to do it?

This book is easy to read and full of simple truths that speaks to a common problem for parents today- Busy-ness!

This book offers an outstanding solution.

 Price $20

This book has opened my eyes to the fact that I just had a bad definition of what a good mom is or what a good parent is. So thank you. I feel more free about who I am as a mom/parent. And I love that I can embrace a new more realistic definition.

Reader Review

Oh my Gosh....I started reading your book last night and

I could not put it down.
I felt like I was in a conversation with you and did not want to step away. This book echoes in my heart. It's such a breath of fresh air about the journey of parenting.

The place that it says give yourself permission to accept or dismiss what I say in this book is just huge. How you promote the attitude of....do something if its right for your family not just because it's right for another family. I also love the "In our home" sections. I also love how you shared about being an angry mom and how at one point your children were well behaved out of a response to not seeing the angry side of you. That transparency is just....healing and refreshing. I just love it and I'm looking forward to sharing the wisdom with my mom's group. Thank so much for your ministry.

Reader Review                 

The Intentional Parent Card Set

Questions Intentional Parents Ask Their Children

PLUS - 27 Super Simple Ways To Build A Rock Solid Relationship With Your Children

 Price $30 

I am so thankful for these little cards that have jump started some of the richest conversations around the dinner table. We sit as a family and one of my kids picks up a card and immediately feels empowered. We all answer and listen and then we can't stop talking. So thankful to my friend Susan (who happens to be a really good mother of 7) for these cards! - Bekah

"Today I Give Myself Permission to...

30 Personal Permission Slips* 

*Please note: Colors will vary

 Price $30