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Finding the right speaker is no small task. In fact, it's quite a challenge.

After all you want someone who can not only speak well, but build a great connection with the audience. Choose the wrong person and all your planning can feel like a waste of time.

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That's exactly why I'm so honored that you would even consider me to speak to your group, meeting, conference, or retreat.

The information on this page is designed to help you make a quality decision. If however I have neglected to share any information you still need, please feel free email me at- Susan@APowerfulMoment.com

Awesome concept and presentation! LOVE IT! To take the work of Mom and apply a business attitude to it is very inspiring. It gives you a tangible tool, some guidelines, goals and a sense of mastering your world in the way that God intended us to. 

Katie P.
Austin, Tx
Brittany MOPS Leader

Thank you so much for coming to share with our group. I have heard nothing but rave reviews. You were spectacular! I truly appreciate your encouraging words. It really means a lot to me.

I was so touched by the way Susan ministered, it was extraordinary the way she would minister to one yet it felt like she was including and ministering to everyone!! Loved every bit!!!

I'm already using that whole "meaning" technique since I've been home today!! I wish I could listen to her all over again! - Jane

Mom in Dallas
Sarah  Mom of 4

It blessed me to be able to just "get real" with myself and share it with others who could understand where I was coming from. The love and support in that place was wonderful. I now have some areas in my life to start focusing on to move from "distracted to intentional". It became so clear that it was time for transition! It confirmed some things God had already been speaking to my heart! With purpose and intention I am moving forward! What a joyous blessing!

A little about me...

I am passionate about helping moms, come face-to-facts with the chaos in their lives, so that they can overcome it, not be overwhelmed by it.

As a mom of 7 I truly understand all of the struggles and pressure that can come when parenting in this fast-paced society.

I share from my own parenting mistakes AND successes with a hope that my journey sheds some light on the path for other moms around the world. Together we can be intentional with our families.

I have taught thousands of women to let go of the "should's".  Let's shift our focus to discovering and living out our core values. This is where the conversation gets really good!

We get to leave all the "mom guilt" behind and accept the challenge of living true to our unique list of values from the soul- and let's do that with humor, passion, and love.

If you're a mom who struggles with feelings of overwhelm and guilt concerning your family, or if you simply want to talk to a woman who get's it, contact Susan today!

Note: In order to best meet the needs of my family and to keep my sanity, I only accept a few events each year. 


I started off talking with moms at the weekly park day or small groups of moms in my home. I could always be found encouraging a mom in the grocery store or sharing a practical tip on the phone. Then I began being asked to share with small groups - then larger groups.

At first it was friends, or friends of friend. Then it was people who didn’t know me personally, but had heard about me. Then it was event planners, conferences, and small business owners asking me to come and share. I have spoken to local MOPS groups, support groups, small business networking events, along with radio and podcast interviews.

More and more opportunities to speak both in the US and internationally are opening up everyday, and that is very exciting for me. Whether the group is small and local or large and abroad, I’m honored to be invited.

It’s my life’s mission to connect with more and more parents who are committed to being intentional and on purpose with their families. Those who are willing to make conscious decisions and to raise their family according to God’s leading. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years of leading and serving through small groups, parent organizations and workshops - building strong families for the Glory of God.

Since 2012 I have had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of moms and parents both online and at in-person events.


Whether you're in need of a speaker for your women's ministry,  family conference, retreat or for your employees and business team, Susan will bring valuable information and practical life experience together in a way that benefits all. 

  • Closing the Gap Between Your Lips and Your Kids Ears - Do you ever feel like there’s a gap between your lips and your kids ears where all of your instructions go to die? Then you will enjoy this practical session on the art of effective communication. Learn the secret to getting heard, how to prevent miscommunication, and the 5questions to ask when your kids simply won’t listen to you. This session will give you tools that you’ll use for years to come. If you’re struggling with your kids and they’re tuning you out, come learn how you can turn that situation around. The things you have to share with your children are important but they will miss those gems of wisdom if they won’t listen.
  • The 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Kids Every Year- It's amazing how one good question can open up a rich conversation. Now imagine having 10 good questions. For the past 11 years, Susan Seay has asked her children the same 10 questions. She encourages every parent to make it a priority to save a date on the calendar every year for a 1-on- 1with each of their children to ask the same 10 questions. Children’s answers will reveal hidden issues that are on their hearts and help to bring you closer than ever. This blueprint for deep conversation will build a lasting connection.
  • 5 Questions to Ask When Your Kids Simply Won't Listen - If you have more than one person in the room, there's bound to be a communication issue. If you find yourself repeating requests over and over. Or hear your kids saying things like- "I don't remember you saying that!" This talk provides some key questions to help you determine how to handle that situation and turn it around. You can go from forgotten to unforgettable in your kids ears and hearts. 
  • The Intentional Mom- With busy schedules and long lists of things to do, it's easy to get swept up and feel lost. However there's a group of moms that seem to thrive even in the midst of it all- the Intentional Moms. An encouraging message for moms to remind them that no matter what challenges or hardships she maybe facing, God didn’t make a mistake in choosing her to be the mom. Also come to learn a practical tool that has helped 100’s of mom to silence ‘the committee’ (those cranky voices in your head). This session is interactive and powerful.

​If you’ve read this far - you’ve seen some of the topics and some of the audiences who have enjoyed what I have to share.

I would love to talk with you further about what you have in mind for your event or group. All it takes to start the conversation or to get more information is to EMAIL ME - SUSAN@APOWERFULMOMENT.COM 


 Thanks again for considering me. It's an honor..