Do You Feel Like Quitting?

I had just met Jennie , and one of the first things she said to me was- “ I want to quit!” She was serious. This was not some false humility moment here, she meant every word. The irony was, here we were about to start a 2 day film shoot.  She was about to […]

The Single Most Important Part of Any Decision

Ever have a big decision to make, but you felt stuck? Some have affectionately called it analysis paralysis.  It’s when you list out all of the pros and cons, hoping that the next move will become clear, but it doesn’t.  It seems that no matter how much information you gather,  the decision is never gets […]

Making Powerful Choices

Choices. An abundance of choices. Typically we break-down our choices into two categories, good or bad. I propose that we add another category- Best! Not all decisions can fit so nicely between good or bad. Sometimes it is not so obvious which category to place an idea, an opportunity, or a relationship. By adding another […]