The #1 Enemy to Getting Things Done

When you are considering doing something important or time consuming, there are plenty of things to stop you.

There are usually a ton of decisions to make when completing a big project.  But even when you have tons of information on how to get it done, you still seem to stall out or fail to even get started.


There’s a sneaky enemy among you, that’s throwing you off your ‘A’ game.  And if you continue to listen to this tricky,yet relentless voice, you might not ever complete anything.

The voice sounds like this in your head:

I’m not sure I know enough yet.

I need to do more research.

Maybe spring is better than the fall for this project.

Maybe summer is better than the spring.

Maybe fall really is best and now it’s too late.  I’ll just wait until next fall.

I need to practice more with the tools I need to use.

Sound familiar?

Each time you take the time to answer one of these comments, you delay.


We need to Beat This Enemy For Good!

But, before we go into battle we must first identify the enemy by name. That voice is the voice of perfection.

Perfection makes you feel that what you are doing is never enough. Perfection will always cause you to doubt who you are, what you know, and what you are doing.

When it comes to your life, I want you to win this war one battle, or completed project, at a time.

Here’s a simple, but powerful game plan.

I want you to do 2 things:

  1. Pick a date AND
  2. Stick to it

Short of a major catastrophe – you’re in a car wreck and injured or a major unforeseen opportunity like you are invited to be on national TV and can win a new car, do NOT change this date.


That enemy, perfection, will test you.  He will push you to the edge of what you believe to be possible.  But in the end, you can do more than you think with less than you can ever imagine.

Don’t quit.

Don’t count yourself out.

You can do this.

The world needs you to step up and deliver.


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