We Are Under Attack!

If you don’t believe that to be true, I invite you to do one simple thing.  Go clothes shopping. 

If you really want to feel the attack, go clothes shopping with a girl who is emerging and becoming a young woman.  Then the attack becomes undeniable.

Recently I had the opportunity to go out with 2 other moms.  The three of us took our teen and pre-teen daughters window shopping at a local upscale mall.  We were having fun going in and out of stores looking at “prett-ies” and “shiny-ies”.  We ooh-ed together.  We repeatedly choked on price tags together.  It was a really fun evening.  But there was something more going on.  Another conversation taking place behind the scenes.

Each store was presenting a message to the girls, frankly to all of us, I just think the moms were a little more immune.  The message being sent was one of beauty- what is beautiful?  What is “hot”? What is “In”? What is to be desired?

By the end of the evening one of the young ladies heard the message loud and clear, and her conclusion was heartbreaking.  She was increasingly aware that she didn’t fit the image being displayed.  She was accepting that she was not beautiful.

If you have ever wondered why I am creating the Fashion Meets Faith event, that’s why!

I have had enough of witnessing the assault on our self image and self worth. 

I am no longer content to sit on the sidelines and hope/wish that someone would do something.

Women across the country are suffering attacks on their self image and doubting the truth about themselves.  Women are all-out denying the truth of who they are.  And if you can get women and moms to doubt who they are, guess what- they will pass that on to their daughters.  Not intentionally mind you, but it’s happening none the less.

I am in no way blaming moms.  Goodness knows, we are hard enough on ourselves, we don’t need anyone else to point out of short-comings.  I am merely shining a light on the enemy’s tactics.  If the enemy of our souls can get us, the moms – the role models, to questions our image and doubt our beauty, he can do the same in the lives of our girls, the future women.

God has blessed me with 6 beautiful girls.  Trust me, I feel the attack on myself and on my girls.  So, I went on a search.  I searched until I could find someone willing to tell the truth and I found Shari.  Her message is unique because it is not one-sided.  “Put on this top and this bottom- presto!  You are beautiful.”  Her message covers the fashion – outer beauty part in detail, but she doesn’t stop there.  She also covers the most important part of beauty, inner beauty.

Beauty is not something you put on, it’s something that you exude. 

It shines out of you.  It draws people to you.  It gives you the opportunity to share the Truth with others.  Beauty is not a secular idea, it’s God’s.

God is gathering women from across this city to hear the truth.

And you know what happens when people hear the truth?  They are set FREE!

Free to live!  Free to celebrate!  And free to pass on the message of beauty and hope to daughters, neighbors, co-workers, friends, family. 

‘Cause once you’ve been set free, there’s no holding back, you just have to tell somebody- anybody!

Join in on the transformation that is coming on September 13th.

May you never be the same, In Jesus’ name!

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