What’s for Dinner? Should Not Bring A Grown Woman to Tears

True confession, I am an over-thinker! 

I can over-think at least one situation every single day.  I will often question myself after I make a decision. Was it the right decision? Should I have done more research? What about (fill in the blank)?

When you over-think, even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming.  Second-guessing will destroy your confidence in an instant.  Don’t become that person standing in the grocery aisle staring like a deer in headlights at the toilet paper trying to decide if 2-ply or 3-ply is best. Just buy the toilet paper already!

Over-thinking will riddle you with self-doubt!

There are times when I allow myself to be overwhelmed with the many decisions I have to make in a single day.  My eyes glaze over and the simplest of choices can seem too hard to make.  After all, “what’s for dinner?” should not bring a grown woman to tears.  But it has.

  • Take some time to clear your head.  
  • Determine to make a decision.  
  • Commit to finish and make things happen.   

It may not be your best work, but sometimes done is better than perfect.  Remember this: Having cold cereal for dinner won’t ruin your children.

Your family is counting on you.  What they need from you will never happen if you are constantly second guessing your decisions. If you are not confident, your children can sense that in your words and actions and they won’t want to trust you.

When the “what ifs” come knockin’, remind yourself that this is not about you!  This is about your family!  This is about how you can best serve them!  You are THE expert in their eyes! Scary thought huh?

Focus on what’s really important, loving and serving your family.  You are going to make mistakes, you can’t avoid it.  So, trust God and make a move.

Are you an over-thinker?  Does it help or hinder you?


  1. Thanks for this blog. Indeed an area I struggle with almost everyday. Better serving my family is so important. Thanks again.

  2. I like that, Jeri! Thanks for posting, Susan. I totally agree. I always feel like the “limbo-land” is the most stressful place to be in. Peace is often a natural by-product of simply just making a decision.

  3. Jeri Chambers says:

    Love it. Sometimes done is better than perfect! That is so true.

    Like my Mom said when I was planning my wedding, “make a decision and move on.”

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