Great Families

Great families are not great because the parents are extraordinary people, but because the parents consistently do extraordinary things.

That's good news.

This means creating a great family is possible for not just a special few, but for all of us.

We don't have to be amazingly patient, organized, or talented. Instead, we must choose day-by-day to do things that break the ordinary off our actions and redeem them to their rightful place of purpose.

That's being an intentional parent, one who creates an extraordinary family.

Every parent we have ever admired and looked up to has one thing in common. They each had a trait that stood out and captured our attention.

Even if we couldn’t put our finger on it, there was a certain something that made them remarkable, and the object of our envy. The greatest trait they each possessed was they were intentional.

They found purpose and meaning for their family. Maybe it was in sports or music, or volunteering or business. Or perhaps in spite of busy schedules they organized the family schedule to ensure they ate dinner together every night. Another family may have a regular family Bible study.

Either way, they caught our eye. We witnessed an intentional parent.

Name one family that you admire.

What makes them special in your eyes?  

I can't wait to read your answers below.

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