Making Powerful Choices


An abundance of choices.

Typically we break-down our choices into two categories, good or bad. I propose that we add another category- Best!

Not all decisions can fit so nicely between good or bad. Sometimes it is not so obvious which category to place an idea, an opportunity, or a relationship. By adding another category we are freed from the limits of A = good or B = bad. Our new liberating and powerful third choice is best.

My husband has a saying – “Good is the enemy of the best.” It is so true! We can make choices that overall are, well…good, but they are not the best. When we settle for good, we rob ourselves of the best.

The next time we experience a moment of decision where it seems that our choices are limited, when it seems that we are offered only two options from which to choose — let’s make a commitment to s-l-o-w down the process long enough to consider that there may be a third and better choice that has yet to be noticed.

Another option that snatches the lid off of the limits before you, and gives you some breathing room. A different conclusion that clarifies the decision making process so that you can make a solid choice.

4 Steps to Arrive at the B.E.S.T. Option:

B- Benefit 

Ask yourself who benefits from this decision? Who will this serve? Who will this help? Who should we consider the most in this decision?

E- Evident

Is all the information that I need to make a quality decision evident? Are my options plain and clear?

S- Sincere

Can I make this decision with sincerity in my heart? Will I have feelings of resentment, angst, or even anger towards others after giving my answer?

T- True

Am I making this decision based on what is true? Will my decision be based on what is real?

Let us make a commitment to no longer limit ourselves to making choices solely between good or bad, but add another category- BEST.


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