What to Do When Your Account Gets Hacked

While I was relaxing and enjoying the sandy beaches of South Padre,  someone in Turkey was attempting to hack into my Facebook account .  I eventually got it all ironed out.  Then my Twitter account was hacked.  Then I had trouble accessing my email account.  UGH!

I went into a major systems shut down!

I did 3 things immediately:

  1. I changed every password.
  2. I made sure each account had a unique password- it wasn’t that way before
  3. I sent an acknowledgement to my email list and  Facebook friends to say that I was aware of what happened and sorry for the excessive emails/posts.

I still do not have any of my accounts linked to each other.  ( Guess I am a little paranoid)

It seems that sooner or later we will all experience an account hack unless we take proactive measures now to prevent it.

Recently lifehacker wrote an article detailing what to do to secure yourself online.


This article has a ton of explanations – I really appreciate explanations since I am uber basic when it comes to tech talk.  Don’t just tell me to “beef up my password”, explain it to me, better yet show me what that means.

You can read the entire article or you can do like me.  Skim the article, find 1 or 2 things you can do, ie make sure all passwords are unique, then forward the article to your hubby and ask him what he thinks.

I hope this helps you to be better armed and prevents any silly hackers from accessing your accounts in the future.

Your turn – Has your account been hacked before?

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