Sometimes you just have to laugh

The other night my husband Ron was reading a passage of scripture from Numbers 16 or 17. He was emphasizing the passage where God caused Aaron’s walking stick to blossom- a bud, a blossom, and ripe almonds.

Ron wanted the family to focus on how God can do such an incredible thing. “Isn’t it amazing that God cause an old stick with no root to bud, then to blossom, and to produce almonds?  Wow.Only God could cause a walking stick to transform in such a way.

After sharing his thoughts, he sat back in his chair. There was awed silence in the room, assumed to be contemplation of the passage and it’s meaning. Suddenly I notice a shifting from our 4 year old.  Her hand shoots up in the air to indicate she has a question, and there is a pensive look on her face. We nod to her, to ask her question, or make her statement. She slowly shakes her head side-to-side, indicating there is some confusion, and she asks……”H–O–W does a stick walk?”

Oh boy!

A walking stick is a stick that someone uses to help them walk, baby. Not a stick that can walk.

My husband’s shoulders were moving up and down, but there was no sound.  All of a sudden the entire family burst out laughing.  To think, we thought this was an amazingly spiritual time together, and my sweet girl was troubled from the start.

She was amazed all right, but not for the same reason we were.

Sometimes in life, we believe that we are sharing some deep spiritual truth.

We think we are connecting and having a meaningful moment.

We may have shared some important news, or attempted to explain the how’s and why’s of the world with your teen, only to have them question you.  ” I don’t get it, who are you talking about?”

We did have a great moment that night though…….of laughter.- one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.

Have you had a good laugh lately?

Today is a good day to laugh!

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